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in Unified Communications & Collaboration Voxeet 3D surround sound
“Offers a far more engaging experience and makes conferencing more effective"

Why your product needs Voxeet

  • Build the best user experience possible with the clearest audio on the market

  • Boost your user engagement and productivity to keep people in-app longer

  • Generate a new revenue stream with communication packages that users want

Your building blocks for premium audio & video

Thanks to Voxeet TrueVoice™ 3D audio and video technology, users can connect and collaborate in real time like never before

Voxeet’s award-winning audio delivers same-room sensation no matter how wide the physical divide

Add in Voxeet’s HD video calling and you have a fully immersive experience with crystal clear faces and no delays

Meet our Powerful APIs

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Snap! You’re up and running

Our Widget and UX Toolkit for Web, iOS and Android allow you to integrate audio and video in a matter of days. Other solutions offer SDKs that require you to build everything from scratch. That can take months and slows your time to market.

To make things extra easy, we support your coding language of choice, be it Swift, Android, Javascript, React or Angular.

UX Toolkit

                        import React from 'react'
                        import ReactDOM from 'react-dom'
                        import { Provider } from 'react-redux'
                        import thunkMidleware from 'redux-thunk'
                        import { combineReducers, createStore, applyMiddleware } from 'redux'

                        import { Widget, reducer as voxeetReducer } from './VoxeetReactWidget'

                        const reducers = combineReducers({
                        voxeet: voxeetReducer

                        const configureStore = () => createStore(

                        const settings = {
                        consumerKey: 'consumerKey',
                        consumerSecret: 'consumerSecret',
                        conferenceAlias: 'Sample2'

                        < Provider store={configureStore()}>
                            < Widget
                        < /Provider>,
                        angular.module('app', ['voxeet.angular.widget'])
                        .controller('main', function ($scope, Voxeet) {
                        angular.extend(this, {

                        $onInit() {
                        $scope.$on('voxeetRecordingStopped', this._onVoxeetRecordingStopped.bind(this));

                        startVoxeet() {

                        const currentUserData = {
                        name: this.vxtUsername,
                        externalId: this.vxtExternalId,
                        avatarUrl: this.vxtAvatarUrl
                        // Init VoxeetSdk
                        Voxeet.initialize(currentUserData, this.vxtConfName)

                        .run(['AuthProvider', 'OptionsProvider', (AuthProvider, OptionsProvider) => {

                        /* -------------------------
                        OAUTH URL
                        -------------------------- */

                        //AuthProvider.setFetchTokenUrl('YOUR URL TO FETCH TOKEN');
                        //AuthProvider.setRefreshTokenUrl('YOUR URL TO REFRESH TOKEN');

                        /* -------------------------
                        VOXEET CREDENTIALS
                        -------------------------- */

                        "YOUR KEY",
                        "YOUR KEY"

                        /* -------------------------
                        -------------------------- */


                        import VoxeetConferenceKit

                        class AppDelegate: UIResponder, UIApplicationDelegate {
                        var window: UIWindow?

                        func application(_ application: UIApplication, didFinishLaunchingWithOptions launchOptions: [UIApplicationLaunchOptionsKey: Any]?) -> Bool {

                        // Initialization of the Voxeet conference kit (connect the session later).
                        VoxeetConferenceKit.shared.initialize(consumerKey: "consumerKey", consumerSecret: "consumerSecret", connectSession: false)

                        return true

                        *  MARK: - Voxeet VoIP push notifications

                        extension AppDelegate {
                        /// Useful bellow iOS 10.
                        func application(_ application: UIApplication, didReceive notification: UILocalNotification) {
                        VoxeetConferenceKit.shared.application(application, didReceive: notification)

                        /// Useful bellow iOS 10.
                        func application(_ application: UIApplication, handleActionWithIdentifier identifier: String?, for notification: UILocalNotification, completionHandler: @escaping () -> Void) {
                        VoxeetConferenceKit.shared.application(application, handleActionWithIdentifier: identifier, for: notification, completionHandler: completionHandler)

                        VoxeetConferenceKit.shared.initialize(consumerKey: "consumerKey", consumerSecret: "consumerSecret", userInfo: nil, connectSession: true)
                        dependencies {
                        compile 'com.voxeet.sdk.android:core:0.8.021'

                        //add this one aswell if you want to use the voxeet ui toolkit
                        compile 'com.voxeet.sdk.android:toolkit:1.0.023'

                        apply plugin: 'com.android.application'

                        android {
                        compileSdkVersion 21+
                        defaultConfig {
                        minSdkVersion 16
                        targetSdkVersion 21+

                        // To be called from the application class

                        // if you have external info
                        UserInfo externalInfo = new UserInfo(externalName, externalName, externalPhotoUrl);
                        // else
                        UserInfo externalInfo = new UserInfo();

                        // Deprecated
                        VoxeetSdk.sdkInitialize(this, consumerKey, consumerSecret, externalInfo);

                        // Enable firebase or not depending on your needs
                        VoxeetSdk.sdkInitialize(this, consumerKey, consumerSecret, externalInfo, enableFirebase);

                        // Set Default activity to launch when receiving notifications if enabled

                        // Set a timer to stop the conference if none has joined it at the end of the defined timeout

                        // requires the voxeet toolkit lib in the gradle app file
                    voxeet.initialize(config.customerKey, config.customerSecret, {name: "Fullname"})
                        .then((myUserId) => {
                          enableUI(voxeet, participants, isConferenceMuted);
                        .catch((e) => {

                    voxeet.joinConference("your_conference", {
                              constraints: constraints,
                              audio3D: true
                            .then((info) => {
                                .then(function(sources) {
                                  var audioInputNode = document.getElementById('audio-devices');
                                  sources.forEach(function(source) {
                                    var opt = document.createElement('option');
                                    opt.value = source.deviceId;
                                    opt.innerHTML = source.label;
                                .catch(function(e) { console.error(e); });

Built for WebRTC

With Voxeet, you’re free to develop for desktop, mobile or web. All of our APIs are built on WebRTC, the leading real-time communication standard, which allows us to support live video and audio calling natively in all the majors browsers — without plugins or add-ons.

For every device and browser

Thanks to our UX Toolkit and SDKs, we optimize for mobile and desktop apps as well.

Move Your Industry Forward

Whatever sector your app belongs to, adding Voice and Video capabilities is a potent way to drive engagement and increase in-app productivity. Discover what Voxeet can do for your industry today.

Sectors we impact

  • Project Management

  • Live Broadcasting

  • E-Learning & Coaching

  • Recruiting

  • Customer Service

  • In Field Services

We’re global. That matters.

Voxeet has servers across the world, from the US to Ireland to Japan and Singapore. That means that calls take the lowest-latency path across four continents and that we can offer 24/7 real-time monitoring.

It also means you don’t need to be a telecom expert. All you have to focus on is the integration. We have the rest covered.

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  • 76ms

    Avg global latency

  • 24/7

    Real-time monitoring

  • 256 bit

    Advanced Encryption

Security you can trust

We offer full encryption and enterprise-grade call security. All communications between Client and Server and Interserver are encrypted in TLS1.2 SHA 256.

Moreover, all client-server communications – including signalization and presence – are routed through a DTLS connection to provide an additional layer of security.

How to Build Your App

Building an app with Voxeet is as eas as 1, 2, 3

  • 1. Sign Up

    Connect to your Voxeet Developer Portal and sign up

  • 2. Resources

    We’ll send you all the technical information you need to get started with

  • 3. Integration

    Integrate Voxeet JavaScript SDK into your website or Voxeet SDK for iOS and Android into your mobile app

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Power Your App with Voxeet

The best API for live voice and video calling. Period.