PRODUCT REVIEW: Little-known Voxeet has come up with a new, free-of-charge conference call app that enables talk-overs, cuts static — and just works.

Let’s face it: Conference calls—those unavoidable staples of business communications—basically stink in quality.

Outsider Becomes a Distrupter

Sometimes it takes a completely new player in the field to shake things up. This is where little-known Voxeet has stepped in to move the standards bar way up. The 5-year-old Sausalito, Calif.-based company has come up with a new, free of charge (at least at this time, anyway) voice over IP (VOIP) conference app that is everything a concall is supposed to be: easy to install, easy to use, and can be used on laptops or mobile devices—and switched in midstream from one to another, if needed. This app delivers a nonfrustrating conference call experience like no other.

“We’ve designed and built it with high-definition sound quality—like the best video games,” CEO and co-founder Stephane Giraudie told eWEEK. “This wasn’t easy.”

Voxeet is a newcomer in a well-established crowd of providers that includes Cisco Systems (Webex), Citrix (GotoMeeting), Adobe, Microsoft,, and many others. The privately held company released version 3.0 of its app on Aug. 19.

eWEEK did a test conference Aug. 18 with Giraudie and vice president of marketing, Kelli Negro. The result was astonishing, and eWEEK doesn’t say that lightly. – See more at: