Get free mobile conference calls with unparalleled 3DHD audio quality from any device, anywhere.

high quality definition

3D Immersive

Voxeet delivers state-of-the-art 3DHD audio quality to your conference calls for an experience so natural it feels like being in the same room.

Hear the Difference

voice recognition

Accurate Speaker

Voxeet’s on-screen virtual conference room features unique avatars for every caller—and their voices—so you always know who’s talking.

See the Difference

simple mobile conferencing


Built from the ground up for mobile users, Voxeet is simple to use. Just download the Voxeet app, invite your contacts and start conferencing.

Experience the Difference

Easy as 1 2 3

Say goodbye to poor-quality conference calls with long, complicated passcodes. With Voxeet, just download the app, invite your contacts and start conferencing. Plus, start your call with a single click: Simply select the contacts you want to include and click “Call.” It’s that easy.

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What’s new

Connect your way with our new group chat feature. Send instant messages to one person or your whole team during or outside of your conference call (we’ll hold on to your chat history so you can review it later). Switch your conversation from messaging to a conference call with a single click.

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About Voxeet

Voxeet redefines the group conferencing experience from any device, anywhere. Featuring 3DHD sound so you hear every word and an intuitive interface so you always know who’s talking, Voxeet makes conference calls feel as natural as being in the same room—the way it should be.

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People Are Talking:
“In our tests in using the Windows and iPhone version of the client software we were extremely impressed with Voxeet’s sound reproduction quality and the 3D positioning effect.”
“The 5-year-old Sausalito, Calif.-based company has come up with a new, free of charge (at least at this time, anyway) voice over IP (VOIP) conference app that is everything a concall is supposed to be: easy to install, easy to use, and can be used on laptops or mobile devices—and switched in midstream from one to another, if needed. This app delivers a nonfrustrating conference call experience like no other.”
“The sound quality is quite impressive, something you have to hear to appreciate.”
“Bottom line: Voxeet provides a unique and immersive conference call experience mirroring “the more fluid activity streams on Facebook, Yammer or Google Hangouts”…It’s definitely one incremental step contributing to “ a wave of innovation that fundamentally alters the definition” of voice calling as well as an excellent demonstration of the potential of the WebRTC voice calling user experience.”
“When used with a headset and with a decent connection, Voxeet delivers an incredible audio experience that beats Skype and any conference call experienced on a regular VoIP phone such as mine. In fact, conference calls’ audio quality on my phone is almost always terrible.”
“Voxeet technology can detect who is speaking and replicate a real life experience by the direction each voice is coming from. It leverages the way the brain works when there are multiple speakers in a room, and uses acoustic and visual cues to eliminate guesswork about who is speaking.”
“I had a demo last week and I was definitely impressed… Voxeet is one of a number of next-generation conference call services to enter the market with the hopes of disrupting the likes of WebEx and GoToMeeting.”
“I tried a call, and the audio quality was first rate, as good as I’ve heard. Voxeet is a terrific little conference calling app with a few distinct advantages over much of what is out there.”
“To me this is how communications is meant to be—the way we naturally hear it, with both our ears and the ability to clearly discern where voices are coming from.”
“Revolutionizing conference calls with their 3D Immersive sound makes Voxeet standout as a unique and leading VoIP provider.”
“Voxeet certainly has the potential to be considered an ideal voice conferencing tool for individual users, businesses and organizations. The app’s superior voice enhancement technology, immersive virtual conferencing environment, and convenient call transferring features make it among the leaders in its class.”
“Voxeet was my segment favorite. The Sausalito-based company introduced a new conference calling system that demonstrated amazing quality. On screen you actually see who’s talking, which is helpful and you don’t miss a beat when you switch from desktop to cellular during the same conversation.”
“Speaking of audio, the voice conferencing solution from Voxeet looks quite good and sounds even better.”
“Voxeet offers crystal-clear voice conversations that you can manage and translate using a visual interface on Windows PCs, Android devices, and, as of today, iPhones.”
“Voxeet is a startup attempting to bring radical transformation to the infuriating space of conference calling. The company focuses first on crystal- clear conversations, where you always understand perfectly who is talking and what’s being said.”
“I’m on a conference call right now where a bunch of people are in a room and I’m on the call and I keep having to text someone in the room asking who’s speaking. Wish we had Voxeet!”
Daniel S.
“Great demo—I love Voxeet!”
John S.
“Great app—I use Voxeet every day and it is just great!”
Olivier V.
“Love the app. The sound is really much better than any other app!”
Patrick R.
“Great solution! Voxeet is awesome.”
“Was on a conference call this morning…just asked a participant to leave Skype and phone in to remove that delay-echo. Can’t wait to start using Voxeet for conference calling. A much better way.”
Greg P.
“Best of the best! So clear and user friendly… everyone should take advantage of this service!”
“Voxeet is some serious innovation.”
François L.
” Fantastic product!! It really makes conferencing a delight.”
“I have been waiting for something like Voxeet for my business. On conference calls, I don’t always know who’s speaking and I’m supposed to recognize their voices. I always have to ask who was that and it’s embarrassing. This will be huge!”
Daniel S.
“Voxeet is amazing and the sound is seamless.”
Kate F.
“I love it. From the screen to the quality of the voices to the sound. It is an amazing improvement in conferencing.”
Helene S.
“Yes it can! A great solution for business.”
“Great stuff, obviously the best product in its category!”
“What a difference…when you hear it with Voxeet!”
Guido D.
“Really impressive! I’ll tell my IT guys.”
Scott K.
“The sound quality of the call during the presentation was spectacular.”
Mitchel L.
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