The DEMO 2012 conferences take place in the US, South America and Asia and have served as a launchpad for a slew of good ideas, including Salesforce, Tivo and Skype.We found out last week that we’d been invited to the spring DEMO conference in Silicon Valley to introduce ourselves and launch Voxeet. In between what we’re doing to get ready, we’re pretty much high-fiving it here at Voxeet right now.

It’s pretty great to be in the company of this kind of creative innovation, and we’re excited to talk about how our work can help people.

Although we’re surrounded by massive improvements in how we communicate, the way we experience conference calls hasn’t kept up. We started Voxeet because we believe three things are true:

1. Conference calls are an important way for people to connect
2. They don’t work very well
3. It doesn’t have to be that way

We wanted to create a simple, intuitive tool that would solve the familiar conference call problems:
– poor sound quality,
– confusion about who’s speaking
– and having to hang up if you want to switch to your cell phone.

We’re happy to say we’ve done that.

On April 18, I’ll be onstage for 6 minutes talking about how it works, and why I think it will transform the way people use
the phone to do business.  Conference calls will work better, because people can think less about the call, and more about the conversation.

Come see us on the 18th at DEMO.
And… wish us luck!