Voxeet is an impressive audio conference application that provides 3DHD sound. Launched at DEMOFall 2012, Voxeet is available for free for Windows, Android and iOS, and a week ago, the company launched the Mac version alongside its 2.0 update. With Voxeet 2.0 you can get dial-in numbers that let you dial in to a conference for free from over 40 countries worldwide, or switch your call from a bad internet connection to a local phone line in one click.


As described in my introduction, Voxeet’s key feature is the ability to move around avatars in the Voxeet user interface to hear each participant from a different side, just like when you have a conversation around a table (see images above and below). The further a participant’s avatar is from yours, the lower the sound is, and when you position it close to your avatar, you hear the voice louder. Basically, Voxeet mimics the audio experience you would have in a room. With this technology, it is possible to hear clearly to people talking simultaneously, because the sound of their voice is not at the same volume and is not come from the same direction, which is impossible to experience  in a regular conference call.

Conclusion (very good – waiting for text chat)

When used with a headset and with a decent  connection, Voxeet delivers an incredible audio experience that beats Skype and any conference call experienced on a regular VoIP phone such as mine. In fact, conference calls’ audio quality on my phone is almost always terrible.  Voxeet is free to download for Windows, Mac OS, Android and iOS, so it easy to try it for yourself. We just need to get the text chat as soon as possible. In the future, the company plans to add more collaboration tools and video as well.

These excerpts are originally published on UberGizmo: http://www.ubergizmo.com/2014/04/voxeet-2-0-for-mac-review/