Time Zone Ninja

Have you ever been here? You need to set up an emergency meeting with a customer in Chicago, the dev team in Poland and your boss, who happens to be traveling in Asia. You Google your time zones, schedule the call and pat yourself on the back for handling it all so efficiently… until you realize you miscalculated and your company president is stuck on a 2am call.

The details may change, but for those of us who work with international teams, the realities are all too familiar. Accidentally scheduling a meeting with Sydney on a Saturday. Keeping London up late. Offending the late risers in Austin. Conducting a call half-asleep.

In fact, when we polled our constituents, they cited this issue—finding a good time to talk to international teams—as one of their top frustrations in scheduling an international call. But with mobile businesses and remote workers on the rise, the need for cross-time zone communications will only increase.

Fortunately, Voxeet is all about helping distributed teams collaborate. So we came up with a solution.

Meet TimeZoneNinja, a free tool from Voxeet that makes scheduling international meetings a breeze. Simply enter the date you want to meet and the locations of your participants, click “Find Best Ninja Time” and presto! It finds a meeting time that works for everyone (plus some other options for good measure). Sure, no time is truly optimal for a Tokyo/New York/Amsterdam call, but it certainly helps to have the best possible compromise at your fingertips.

Plus, thanks to easy integration with Voxeet Web Conferencing, you and your international teammates can click right through our Time Zone Ninja to join a call from your browser—on any device, from any location, all without dialing in.

We can’t change how many time zones separate your team, but we can ease the frustration of communicating across them. Give our Ninja a try and see for yourself how painless international scheduling can be.

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