The New Conference Room is Here

According to a recent ruling from the European Court of Justice, the time workers spend traveling to their first and from their last meetings of the day counts as time spent working—and must be compensated accordingly. The ruling only applies to workers in the EU without a fixed office, but in our increasingly distributed world, those workers number in the millions. And the time they spend on the road just got a lot more expensive.

Now more than ever, employers need to figure out how to make remote meetings work, finding new ways to trim or eliminate travel time. In a reality where workers don’t have to be tethered to their desks anymore, they should be able to check in with their teams, attend sales meetings or present to their clients anywhere, not just in someone’s stodgy old conference room.

Fortunately, the new conference room is here. The office is anywhere you’ve got reception—the airport lounge, a café, your home office—and every person’s voice is as clear as if they’re in the room with you. With Voxeet, workers save the hassle of a long, crowded commute and their employers save the enormous costs associated with it. More productive meetings, happy workers and an even happier bottom line. That’s the power of the new conference room.