Start a conference call with a single click

Start a new conference from any device with the click of a button.

In the “Contacts” section, simply select the contacts you want to include and click the “Call” button—Voxeet does the rest. Adding more callers to your live conference call is as easy as clicking on a new contact. To include non-Voxeet users (or folks with bad connections), just enter their email addresses. We’ll send them instructions on how to immediately join your call.

Make distributing dial-in numbers a thing of the past. Connect in a single click.

start a conference call with a single click

Select contacts

Once all of the contacts you want to call are highlighted, click “Call.”

 start conferencing in one click


Voxeet gives your selected contacts a ring so you can start your conference call—all in one click.

single click connect conferencing

Add a caller

To add someone new to your live call, hit the “Invite+” button, then click on “Invite+” next to the contact’s name.