Last week we talked about our evolving workforce, and specifically how we’re seeing more and more distributed teams where employee perks include flexibility and life balance rather than stuff like pool tables and corner offices. We also mentioned “the future of work,” a phrase that’s certainly big enough to warrant some further discussion. So this week, we’re exploring a few more facets of how we envision the workforce of the future:

  • Companies without borders: The future workforce is one without borders, where organizations can hire talent of all stripes from around the world with an eye on passion, experience and specific skills, rather than mere proximity.
  • Virtual assistance: The rise of the virtual assistant means that remote teams will be supported easily and effectively, whether they need help with quick, on-the-fly tasks or ongoing administrative support (think research, scheduling, data entry and the like).
  • Thinking outside the office: Instead of searching for Swiss Army knife-types for certain in-house roles, companies will employ a range of outside consultants who specialize in solving certain types of problems.
  • Fluid teams: More and more teams will be “crowdsourced,” coming together to bid and work on specific projects, then breaking apart and reassembling to work on others.
  • A how-can-I help mentality: As their formations change, team members will be freed up to move from the minutiae of task-oriented assignments to providing big-picture services and solutions. The attitude will no longer be “that’s not my job,” but “let me help you solve that problem.”
  • Just-the-facts decisions: New team structures will also force organizations away from intuitive decision making and toward more fact-based analysis tied to quantifiable KPIs.
  • Rapid results: As these teams of highly intelligent individuals employ data to make their decisions, decision making will become more centralized and empowered, leading to more rapid, reliable results.

All this increased efficiency and empowerment is an exciting prospect, and we’ve only just scratched the surface. In the coming weeks, we’ll dig deeper into these ideas, paying specific attention to how each will affect the success and satisfaction of companies, teams and individual employees.

In the meantime, we want to hear from you. Is there anything we’ve overlooked in our vision? How might some of these changes shake up they way you do business?