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Want to add voice & video to your healthcare app?

You’re not alone. Telemedicine technology is on the rise. In 2016, 62% of healthcare providers used voice, video, and other digital tools to connect with their patients remotely. That number rose to 71% in 2017.

The appeal of telemedicine apps is clear. These tools produce both near-perfect patient satisfaction and reduced costs for healthcare providers.

The addition of voice & video functionality to healthcare organizations is a true “win-win-win” for patients, providers, and the application developers who serve them.

By keeping all voice & video communication within their primary application, developers help their users maintain full engagement, and avoid any distractions that could crop up when switching out to launch a video call.

But that doesn’t mean bringing voice & video functionality to your healthcare app will be a walk in the park…

Telemedecine Application

The Two Big Roadblocks to Bringing Voice & Video to Healthcare

As soon as you try to build a telemedicine app for the healthcare industry, you’re going to run into two big challenges:


1) Perfect voice & video functionality is really, really hard to produce from scratch.


2) All healthcare data are subject to substantial regulation—and that includes information shared over voice & video streams.


Now, the first challenge is particularly important to overcome for medical applications.

Simply put: You can’t produce “good enough” audio and video for a medical app. Losing a word or two might not carry consequences in a normal business application. But a small misunderstanding—due to incomplete audio, or poor video replication—can be a matter of literal life or death in a medical context.

Imagine a patient mis-hearing a doctor’s instructions due to audio loss…

Or that patient misinterpreting their nurse’s facial expression when answering a medication-related question…

Video chat for Healthcare

Perfect audio and video reproduction is mission critical within a medical application.

Voxeet lets developers add crystal-clear 3D audio and high-definition latency-free video functionality to their applications in about four minutes of copying-and-pasting code— instead of about four months of custom development. Problem number 1: solved.

But problem number 2 will prove equally challenging. Even with perfect, easily deploy voice and video tech, developers working in the medical industry face substantial regulatory hurdles to overcome to bring voice & video to their apps.

We set out to overcome those hurdles for you, starting by making Voxeet 100% HIPAA compliant.

Making Voxeet HIPAA-Compliant

HIPAA Compliant Technology

HIPAA—short for the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act—is a body of U.S. federal regulations placed on the healthcare industry. It ensures all information flowing through a healthcare organization remains secure and confidential.

While HIPAA creates necessary patient protections, it also is hard to work with. It places strict regulations on the electronic exchange of practically all health information— and that includes most of the information shared during a voice & video chat between a patient and their practitioner.

HIPAA is thorough, to say the least. So we made sure to comb through its regulations, and took actions to ensure we complied with its every requirement, to keep you safe.

These actions included:

  • Ensuring Employee Compliance: We trained all of our employees in HIPAA compliance, and have them sign confidentiality agreements to prevent them from leaking any Patient Health Information (PHI).
  • Minimizing Stored Data: We never store identifying information of patients (such as name and address). We also only store video recordings of patient/doctor interviews when explicitly requested, and even then we only back them up on our highly secure global infrastructure.
  • Encrypting All Data, End-to-End: We offer end-to-end encryption and enterprise-grade call security during the transmission of all voice & video data, meeting all HIPAA encryption requirements.


Giving Your App HIPAA-Compliant Voice & Video

At Voxeet, it’s our mission to help developers like you add voice & video functionality to your app as fast, easy, and painless as possible.

Part of that means supporting Voxeet in all environments—including the mobile devices (iOS or Android) that patients love —and providing a UX toolkit that allows you to embed our tech into your telemedicine app with just four minutes of coding (and with no custom development).

hipaa compliance software

But part of bringing you seamless voice & video also means solving the more mundane challenges surrounding your development process.

So we provide first-class customer support. We offer a full Developer’s Portal. And—for our healthcare developers—we go the extra mile to solve your compliance problems for you.

Today, Voxeet is fully HIPAA-compliant, and that transfers to any voice & video functionality you add to your app with our API.

By providing HIPAA-compliant in-flow communication, Voxeet allows you to keep all communications within your app— improving overall user engagement, retention, convenience, and revenue potential within your app—without worrying about breaking compliance.

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