Building rapport in a remote world

As teams become more distributed, communication gets more complicated. Here’s where we dig into the latest conferencing innovations and collaboration strategies to help you get the most from your mobile team.

Why your chatbot is doing it all wrong !

It seems like there’s a chatbot for every task out there today. Scheduling bots for scheduling meetings. Ecommerce bots for buying stuff online. Banking bots for advice with money and trade show bots for help navigating busy exhibition floors. Companies from all parts of the world and all industries are embracing the chatbot trend, including… read more

Adding Real-Time Collaboration to One2Team’s Strategic Enterprise Work Management

One2Team had a simple mission: to give their users an all-in-one team collaboration platform. They were almost there. Their platform offered a groundbreaking interface that simplified project management for complex strategic initiatives. But their customers wanted more. While One2Team’s platform offered a peerless 30,000-foot view of the project portfolio, it lacked an easy option for… read more

Monster Messenger Shot Ahead of Their Competition by Adding Video Calling to their Social App

Video calling is fast becoming a standard feature in social apps. Apps including Snapchat, Messenger, iMessage, and Slack have all recently added video calling. Social heavyweight Instagram is considering adding video calls to their in-app Direct Messaging. And even smaller niche social apps are receiving substantial customer pressure to add video calling to their feature… read more

Power your app with Voxeet

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