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Every vision starts somewhere; ours began with the belief that there is a smarter way to do conference calls. In today’s changing work landscape, we know that every conversation matters, so we set out to create a new experience for you, our user, so that you can have a great sounding call every time.

We are now pleased to offer:

  • The ability to place speakers anywhere within your virtual meeting room (left, center, right, close, or far)
  • Multi-stream technology to eliminate frustrating cross talk and garbled voices to provide a “same-room” sensation
  • Support of up to 15 audio participants and 6 video participants with multiple video layouts, from a convenient gallery view to an active speaker mode
  • Increased ease of use: join a meeting in one click and make inviting guests simple for both you and your invitees with our direct calling URLs  
  • More collaboration: Screen sharing, file sharing and file presentation, call recording, messaging, cross-company channels, audio messages, scheduling and more
  • Dial-in options to support 40+ countries, including China

Voxeet now provides the industry’s only 3D surround-sound audio & video experience that combines video with “TrueVoice” 3D audio. Together, this makes calls not only simple to join but of the highest quality currently possible on the market.

“Voxeet is a truly fantastic app which I’ve been using almost on a daily basis with my team, which is spread across almost a dozen different countries in Latin America. I’ve tried different solutions before, and must say that your sound quality is simply unbeatable. Keep up the great job!”

 -Andre Felippa, Marketing VP for Alcatel Latam

Gartner Cool Vendor
“Voxeet TrueVoice™ 3D surround sound will offer a far more engaging experience for participants, and make conferencing more effective.” -Gartner

We’re excited for you to see for yourself why combining video with our “TrueVoice” 3D audio can truly help improve the way that your conference calls are made.

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Stephane & The Voxeet Team