We know that a good Internet connection is not always available, and we also think you should be able to conference on any device you like, from the most powerful computer to the simplest desk phone. Our new Dial-In numbers ensure you can always access a Voxeet conference using plain old telephone service from (almost) anywhere in the world—all for free. Here’s what you need to know:

  • You can now dial in to Voxeet calls from over 40 countries worldwide with absolutely no long distance charges.
  • If any of your fellow conferencers haven’t downloaded Voxeet yet, we’ll send a local dial-in number and PIN with their meeting request so they can call in—just be sure to schedule your meeting in advance.
  • If you’re experiencing a low-quality IP connection on any conference, simply click the Dial-In icon on the bottom left of your screen for a audio bridge (PSTN) bridge you can join in a single click—or a local dial-in number you can use to call in from any phone.

You still have to download Voxeet to experience our 3DHD sound, but when you need to join a conference the old fashioned way, Voxeet Dial-In has you—and your desk phone—covered.