Welcome to the new conference room. Welcome Voxeet 4.0.

The new conference room is anywhere you do business. In the office or on the road, across time zones and continents, your conference calls need to keep up.

Say hello to Voxeet 4.0. The most versatile Voxeet yet takes the same great sound of our proprietary TrueVoiceTM,  technology and adds a completely redesigned user interface and powerful collaboration tools that make it easy to get work done on every call. Here’s what’s new:

  • Messaging: Powerful group messaging any way you like—with voice, files, text or photos.

  • File sharing: Stress-free file sharing on mobile devices from your desktop, the web or the cloud. Integrates with Box, Google Drive and Dropbox.

  • Call recording and real-time replay: Capture your conversations as they happen with TrueVoice quality. Easily replay them in real time, any time.

  • Mobile file presentation: Launch your PowerPoint, PDF, Keynote, Excel and Word presentation with one click. Seamlessly toggle between chat, conferencing view and presentation mode.

  • Conversation channels: Save your conversations as channels. Tag associated files, chat threads, photos, voice messages and conference histories to that channel for quick reference.

  • Meeting summaries: Share files presented at your meeting along with a recording of the call via conference call summary emails.

  • Redesigned UI: Easier onboarding, easier navigation, easier on the eyes.

These crazy convenient collaboration features are free to try until February 2016, when they’ll get wrapped up into the new subscription-only Voxeet Pro. Don’t miss your chance to experience the new conference room.

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