3DHD Conference Calling App, with High Quality, Clear Crisp Audio, Recreates the Experience of an In-Person Meeting

SAUSALITO, Calif., Dec. 8, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Voxeet, a workplace collaboration innovator, today announced Voxeet 3.5. Offering a new, modern design and increased simplicity with group chat features, the new version enables the highest level of collaboration and productivity for mobile business users. Coupled with immersive audio, these enhancements give users a platform for conducting efficient, on-the-go conference calls that feel like face-to-face meetings.

Voxeet 3.5 is mobile-first and designed to follow you as you go – letting you transfer a call from your desktop computer to your smartphone in a single click, eliminating interruption and distraction. The app is built from the ground-up to work across all platforms while taking advantage of the latest smartphone and tablet designs, including the iPhone 6, to provide an even more immersive, 3DHD conference calling experience.

With new, easy on-boarding of users, one-click scheduling, on-the-go conference calling and no complicated PIN numbers, downloads or dial-in directions, Voxeet 3.5 makes hosting and participating in group conference simpler than ever before. For the highest level of productivity, users can conduct a group chat inside or outside of a call.

“Voxeet 3.5 makes on-the-fly meetings and group conversations more convenient for mobile professionals,” said Stephane Giraudie, CEO and founder of Voxeet. “It’s easier than ever before to choose your contacts, schedule or start a call – or quickly send an instant message to one or more people. In addition, Voxeet 3.5 gives you clear, crisp audio that is surround-sound quality, enabling the utmost in productivity, collaboration and efficiency.”

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