Last night, in response to a Wired piece on messaging app Wire’s new group-calling feature, John Legere, the CEO of T-Mobile, asked, “Is this the future of conference calls?”

While his question may have been rhetorical, it’s one we at Voxeet are well poised to answer. Certainly, the future of conferencing doesn’t include what many of us have come to expect from our group calls: confusing sign-ons, garbled voices, static, dropped calls, at least 15 wasted minutes getting everyone on the line followed by having no idea who’s talking… (I could go on, but if you’ve been on a conference call anytime in the last 10 years, you don’t need me to.)

One thing the future of conferencing does hold is much, much better sound. On Voxeet calls, our proprietary True Voice Technology immerses callers in a high-definition surround-sound experience. Designed to mimic the way the human ear processes social interactions, Voxeet calls let you hear each speaker with perfect clarity, as if they’re in the room with you. You can position each voice individually to simulate having your fellow meeting participants sitting to your left, your right or directly in front of you. You can pick up on each individual’s distinct speech patterns and hear the nuances of every word. In short, we take sound seriously.

But excellent sound, while essential, is only part of the equation. The future of conferencing isn’t just about sound or simplicity or mobility—it’s the whole experience. Here’s how we look at it at Voxeet:

  • Get in: Join a call with one click (no passwords or PINs required) from any device or use easy calendaring to have us call you
  • Get on: Experience enhanced audio, crystal clear collaboration and a suite of features that easily answers your every conferencing need
  • Get results: Round out your meeting with tools to efficiently facilitate follow through and next steps

No wasted time or anxiety. Incredible sound. All the tools you need for seamless collaboration at your fingertips. A solution invested in the idea that every conversation matters. That’s what the future of conferencing looks (and sounds) like. And it’s already here.

Stephane Giraudie, Founder and CEO, Voxeet