As our Workplace Wednesdays series gets underway and we start exploring how to communicate across distributed teams, I want to share a bit more about where Voxeet fits into the evolving workplace landscape—not just as a purveyor of collaboration tools for teams, but as a distributed team ourselves.

As I mentioned last time, the Voxeet team walks the distributed-team walk. While this model has plenty of advantages, it certainly brings its own set of challenges:

  • Working across three different continents in five different time zones
  • Managing two offices (in Sausalito, CA, and Bordeaux, FR), plus a team of consultants in Croatia, India, Los Angeles and New York
  • Coordinating work with a host of collaboration tools including Balsamiq, InVision, Jira, Quip, Evernote, Dropbox, Sococo and, of course, Voxeet
  • Deciding which conversations can happen via messaging versus conferencing—and when to shift from the former to the latter

A typical week for our US team includes at least three virtual meetings with France and India and two in-office meetings in Sausalito. While our face-to-face meetings are only scheduled twice a week, some team members prefer to work from the office most days. Others work primarily from home.

Wherever they’re working, we find that our employees are deeply committed to doing what it takes their jobs done, happy to have the flexibility to determine the hours and locations that work best for them. For our far-flung team, the challenges of negotiating different time zones and schedules are far outweighed by the advantages of working with people hand-picked for their passion and talent (rather than where they live).

But this is just one team’s experience with a new way of working. What about yours? How is your team collaborating? What tools are you using? What challenges are you up against? I’m eager to hear your stories.