Voxeet is launching a Corporate Pilot Program and we’re looking for companies like yours to join us. Why sign on? Check out the ABCs of our CPP.

Here’s what your company has:

  • 75 – 500 employees
  • Geographically distributed teams
  • A desire to collaborate more simply and efficiently


Here’s what you’ll get when you join us:

  • Automated onboarding to Voxeet for your entire team
  • Complete conferencing support across your enterprise
  • Up to six months of Voxeet Pro (chock-full of awesome new features) for FREE* as soon as it launches


Here’s what we’re asking in return:

  • Feedback on your experience using Voxeet
  • Ideas on what else you want or need from your conference calls
  • The OK to use quotes from you on our website and social media


We know you’re going to love what Voxeet has to offer. Why not give your team the chance to experience it all for free?

Send an email to Anthony Jewett at ajewett@voxeet.com or Kelli Negro at knegro@voxeet.com to learn more or sign on.


* Regularly $9.99 per user per month