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    Voxeet goes WebRTC with major sound improvements for conference calls

Voxeet goes WebRTC with major sound improvements for conference calls

Summary: Thanks to a new audio stack, Voxeet offers “3DHD” sound with wideband audio codecs for improved conference call clarity. The updated app makes it easy to schedule calls and switch between devices while talking to the group.

Voxeet 2.0 is relatively hassle-free for setting up conference calls as well. The app integrates with contact lists and Facebook and also with various calendar software such as Google Calendar, Outlook and iCal. Adding as a contact will actually schedule a meeting and call each participant so they don’t have to dial in or remember arcane PINs. Best of all, group…

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3 Apps to Make Mobile Conference Calling Easy

“If you’ve ever been confused by who said what during a conference call, you’ll most likely appreciate Voxeet’s 3-D sound, speaker recognition feature. Photos of everyone on the call appear around a virtual conference table. When a person on the right side of the screen speaks you’ll see a visual cue and hear his or her voice in your right ear.

Voxeet’s high-definition sound reduces echo and background noise, so everyone comes in loud and clear. If you need to have a word with only one participant, the Whisper feature allows the two of you to speak quietly while still…

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Voxeet is featured in InformationWeek’s quarterly review!

Ivan Schneider from InformationWeek writes,

“Voxeet boasts high quality sound and an audiophile approach to mixing the audio. If you’re listening in stereo, the tiles representing each participant can be arranged so that you hear each person from whatever combination of left and right channel you prefer. The directionality helps you distinguish people on the call with similar voices, and a visual indicator also shows who’s talking. You can click on someone’s tile to enter “whispering mode,” so that the audio won’t be heard by the other participants.”

Read the full review here

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Voxeet Brings Free HD Voice Conferencing To Android & iOS

“Voxeet certainly has the potential to be considered an ideal voice conferencing tool for individual users, businesses and organizations. The app’s superior voice enhancement technology, immersive virtual conferencing environment, and convenient call transferring features make it among the leaders in its class.”

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    Bandwidth’s inetwork Selects Voxeet as Winner of the Voice App Igniter Challenge

Bandwidth’s inetwork Selects Voxeet as Winner of the Voice App Igniter Challenge

Bandwidth’s inetwork division, the leading choice for innovative and scalable voice, 9-1-1 and SMS solutions, today announced it selected Voxeet as the grand prize winner of the company’s Voice App Igniter Challenge, developed to discover the next disruptive voice and messaging application. As the Challenge winner, Voxeet will receive up to $600,000 in IP communications services from inetwork. Voxeet will use this investment to support its efforts to replace outdated, traditional audio conferencing solutions with its breakthrough Natural Conferencing app.

Voxeet ( has developed an affordable, business-quality teleconference service that delivers crystal-clear sound, simultaneous conversations and visual and audio cues to identify who is talking…

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