The Best Business Apps: Voxeet Named a 2014 Tabby Awards/Business Finalist

Tabby Award Finalist Business logo 2014In five years, you might need an app more than your computer to do your job. A report by Strategy Analytics reveals that revenue associated with mobile workers using business apps on mobile devices is expected to nearly double by 2017.

But what are the best business apps available today? We’re pleased to announce that the industry continues to recognize Voxeet as one of them.

Earlier this week, our highly immersive, 3DHD conference calling was one of 75 tablet apps for SMBs and enterprises to be slated as …

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Voxeet’s HD Concall App Takes Static Out of Virtual Meetups

PRODUCT REVIEW: Little-known Voxeet has come up with a new, free-of-charge conference call app that enables talk-overs, cuts static — and just works.

Let’s face it: Conference calls—those unavoidable staples of business communications—basically stink in quality.

Outsider Becomes a Distrupter

Sometimes it takes a completely new player in the field to shake things up. This is where little-known Voxeet has stepped in to move the standards bar way up. The 5-year-old Sausalito, Calif.-based company has come up with a new, free of charge (at least at this time, anyway) voice over IP (VOIP) conference app that is everything a concall is supposed …

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Voxeet 2.0 with Dial-in Support and Voxeet for Mac – Review

Voxeet is an impressive audio conference application that provides 3DHD sound. Launched at DEMOFall 2012, Voxeet is available for free for Windows, Android and iOS, and a week ago, the company launched the Mac version alongside its 2.0 update. With Voxeet 2.0 you can get dial-in numbers that let you dial in to a conference for free from over 40 countries worldwide, or switch your call from a bad internet connection to a local phone line in one click.


As described in my introduction, Voxeet’s key feature is the ability …

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Voxeet Brings New Dimensions to Conference Calls

… While Voxeet allows you to either launch an ad hoc conversation or schedule a conference call, the conference call session itself introduces spatial reality to immerse participants in a 3D audio experience where, from the audio perspective, you feel like you and the other participants are around the table in a physical office or conference room. It also takes advantage of superwideband codecs, such as Opus, to ensure the same crisp voice experienced in a physical office or boardroom…

Voxeet conference room table

Bottom line: Voxeet provides a unique and immersive conference call experience …

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Voxeet Audio Conferencing Goes Global with Dial-In Support in 40-Plus Countries and Brings 3DHD Immersive Audio to Macs

– Create and join conferences from anywhere with nearly any smartphone, tablet, PC, feature phone or deskphone

– New Mac client is ideal for enterprises with Apple-centric offices, BYOD policies and telecommuting employees who prefer Macs

– Seamless conference transfers between Mac, Windows, iOS and Android

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