Meetings can be a whole lot of things. Making plans. Arguing. Finding out what you need to know in order to fix a problem. Wondering why in the world he would wear that tie with that shirt.

But no matter what else a particular meeting has to offer, there is one thing you can pretty much count on: you know who’s talking.

With conference calls, this crucial element is often missing. Everyone’s voice is coming from the same spot. It can be confusing to figure out who is saying what. Our brains use a lot of energy looking for cues, like tone or context, to let us know who is saying what. Energy that takes away from our ability to contribute meaningfully to the conversation.

At Voxeet, our raison d’etre is in support of all the things that make conference calling good… remote locations, working in pajamas, hiring the best people regardless of where they live…while doing away with the things that make it bad. We want to know who’s talking and we want to hear them clearly.

We’ve achieved that. Our Natural Conferencing technology enables each speaker’s voice to come from where their avatar is “positioned” in the virtual conference room.  So you can tell who’s talking, without using up the brain cells you need to make it an effective meeting.

It works. It’s easy. And you can do it in your pajamas.

We’re just getting started on making conference calls as easy as pie. Stay tuned.