Here at Voxeet, we understand that one-size-fits all conferencing rarely fits all of your needs. That’s why we’re introducing a pair of excellent new innovations that make it easier than ever to conference anytime, anywhere, any way you like:

Voxeet for Mac: We’re over the moon to announce our new Mac client, which introduces Voxeet’s unparalleled 3DHD sound to Apple-centric offices and Mac users the world over.

Voxeet Dial-In: You can now join Voxeet calls from over 40 countries worldwide using a local dial-in number (local number = no long distance charges). Non-Voxeet users invited to your call will get local dial-in numbers and PINs with their call invites. Plus, if you’re experiencing a low-quality IP connection during your conference, you can simply click the Dial-In icon on your screen and switch your call to a local phone line.

Start a conference with a single click from any device, anywhere, or dial in for free from over 40 countries. The choice is yours—Voxeet makes it easy to connect your way.

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