Conference calls are here to stay

Alexis Madrigal’s recent blog post on is titled “Have We Reached The End Of The Line For The Conference Call?” The answer is, quite simply, no. Conference calls are still, by and large, the way teams communicate. They offer a way to connect and collaborate across distance and different types of technology. They let us hear each other’s voices. Conference calls don’t have to die; they just have to work—and sound—much better.

Certainly, making conferencing easier is part of the solution. At Voxeet, we’ve built a solution that simplifies conference calls down the essentials. You can start your call with…

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    Why pCell is poised to revolutionize wireless data — and what that means for your conferencing

Why pCell is poised to revolutionize wireless data — and what that means for your conferencing

There’s been a lot of buzz about pCell, a revolutionary new technology that promises to deliver near perfect reception to all smartphone users 24/7. I always greet news about “revolutionary technologies” with a healthy dose of skepticism, both because the media is prone to hyperbole and because truly revolutionary technologies come along once in a blue moon.

The more I read about pCell, however, the more I become convinced that it actually could be a game changer. The technology works by harnessing signal interference — that annoying problem that renders your smartphone useless at cocktail parties and other crowded spaces…

The future of conferencing

Most people I know these days don’t communicate with friends, family and colleagues on a set schedule. Instead they talk, text, FaceTime and engage on social media in a continuous stream of communication.

“So where does this leave the conference call?” people often ask me. Has the notion of convening groups at a set time on a set line with a set agenda become as archaic as the Sunday night phone call with Mom and Dad?

I don’t believe so. In fact, the more mobile and dispersed we get, the more valuable the conference call becomes, for it allows a level…