Introducing Voxeet emospheresWhy should text messages have all the fun? Drumroll please… Voxeet’s new emospheres (emoji + atmosphere), transform the fun of emojis into an audio experience that adds a little levity to conference calling.

  • Someone shares some good news? Offer an Applause emosphere – even while you’re on mute.
  • Was your colleagues joke hilarious? Sound the Laughter track.
  • Are things getting tense? Ring a Tibetan Bell to remind everyone to Breathe.
  • Announcing something BIG? That’s when Drumroll comes in.
  • and more!

We’ve already brought you consistently excellent sound (in fact, Gartner just named us a 2016 Cool Vendor, thanks to our TrueVoice audio). Now we’re using our proprietary 3D audio technology to add a range of special sound effects to those crystal clear calls.

Simply click on the emosphere icon in your Voxeet conference call and select an option from the emosphere screen:

Give them a listen and let us know what other emospheres you want to hear.


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