Large, on-premise conferencing solutions can be useful for well-resourced companies with in-house IT teams, but companies without dedicated IT staff need something smaller and simpler. Cloud-based collaboration systems can help bridge this gap.

Next week, San Francisco-based Voxeet launches the fourth iteration of its mobile and desktop-based audio conferencing system, designed to give companies an audio conferencing and collaboration system tailored to include mobile users.

Dustin Jordan, sales director at Canadian power equipment rental firm Trinity Power Tools, said the company has been using the system to pull around ten of its staffers into a daily audio ‘huddle.’

“Every single one of our sales project managers has this app on their phone and laptop and desktop computer,” he said. “Every morning, we do a five-minute sales team and project management huddle.”

The company, which does a lot of its work in the film industry in BC, and in Alberta within the gas and oil sector, has staff dispersed around the two provinces, including several people working in Northern BC.

The service includes a scheduling system which notifies call participants every morning at the same time, joining them to the call. “That keeps us accountable,” he said. Read more ITWorld Canada >