Conference calls
that get down
to business

  • Exceptionally clear sound and individual audio streams for every caller
  • Simple setup, PIN-free conference calls and one-click transfers between devices
  • Connect from any device—iPhone, iPad, Android, Mac, PC—or dial-in free from 40+ countries

The new standard for business as usual

The way the world does business is changing. That’s why the way we make conference calls has to change, too. Here’s how Voxeet is powering an evolving workforce.


conference call on iphone and ipad

Voxeet for small to medium-sized businesses

Voxeet offers busy businesses an easy-to-use conference call solution for agile, effective collaboration—so you can focus on the content of your meeting, not the quality of your call.
  • Our state-of-the-art sound increases understanding, improves collaboration and reduces the frustration caused by traditional conference calls, making every meeting more productive.
  • Voxeet is super simple to set up and lets you kick off conference calls with a single click, with none of the hassle of dialing in or remembering PINs.
  • Whisper Mode makes multitasking easy by letting you engage in private, one-on-one chats during a conference call without interrupting the larger meeting.
  • A seamless mobile experience gives you the flexibility to take your conference call on the go by transferring it from desktop to mobile device in a single click.

conference call on iphone

Voxeet for teams

Today’s teams come in all shapes and sizes, many tasked with tackling complex challenges together without ever meeting face to face. With Voxeet conference calls, even the most widely distributed teams can feel like they’re all sitting in the same room.

conference call on iphone

Voxeet for you

Sure, Voxeet is great at the business of doing business. But there’s no reason that free, easy communication and extraordinary sound should be exclusive to your work life. Our conference calls make connecting with family and friends a breeze—no matter where they’re located.
  • Voxeet works with your social networks to reach the contacts you already have. Invite friends and family members straight from your address book, email, Google+ or Facebook.
  • With exceptional-sounding conference calls from nearly every device, nearly everywhere in the world, you can connect with your favorite folks via iPhone, iPad, Android, Mac, PC or dial-in.
  • Getting started couldn’t be easier, even for the less than tech-savvy: simply download the app, create an account (or sign in using Google or Facebook) and voila! Free conference calls.
  • Non-Voxeet users can join your conference call the old fashioned way. We’ll send local phone numbers and PINs so they can dial in from wherever they are, all without long distance charges.