voxeet conference call
At Voxeet, we believe everyone should have a chance to experience the clearest, simplest conference calls around. That’s why we’re introducing our friendliest feature yet.

Meet Voxeet Guest Access, a new way to connect to calls right from your web browser. Intuitive and inclusive, it’s one of three easy options Voxeet users now have for joining the conversation:

  1. Web: The NEW Voxeet Guest Access lets your guests join a call from their Firefox or Chrome browsers without downloading the Voxeet app. Firefox users can even experience our proprietary True Voice Technology during their call.
  2. Phone: With Voxeet Dial-In, meeting participants can dial into your call from over 40 countries around the world. It’s free international calling, but without our 3D sound.
  3. Any device, anywhere: Still the best way to experience Voxeet, our simple-to-set-up app delivers high-definition surround-sound conferencing on any device, anywhere.

The next time you schedule a meeting with us, we’ll send your guests a simple set of instructions on how to click, call or download Voxeet to join you. It’s just one more way we’re making it easy for you—and your guests—to get in, get on and get results. Because every conference call is important.

Experience Voxeet firsthand by listening to our DEMO Call HERE!