Voxeet SDK

Incorporate our conferencing features—TrueVoice surround sound, powerful messaging, convenient collaboration tools—into your own site or app with Voxeet SDK.

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Powered by WebRTC and our award-winning TrueVoice technology, Voxeet SDK offers high definition, surround sound audio that makes conference calls and instant collaborations more effective every time.

Our SDKs for browsers and mobile devices let you rapidly integrate our 3D TrueVoice audio and convenient messaging and collaboration capabilities directly into your website or mobile app. Designed for developers, Voxeet software products make incorporating instant communication as easy as pie (or at least as using any other client-side framework).


Voxeet’s JavaScript Client provides real-time audio and messaging communication right from your browser using WebRTC (when it’s available) or Voxeet plugins (when it isn’t).

Our JavaScript SDK integrates easily into your website. Your web pages include the JavaScript extension directly from Voxeet servers using a <script> tag.

Once included in your website, our JavaScript authenticates your site so you can design conference calls, instant collaborations and virtual reality experiences that incorporate exactly the features you want, all within your own website.

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iOS and Android

Voxeet Native SDK for iOS and Android integrates easily into your native mobile app. Once it’s included, our client-side native SDK authenticates your app so you can create any kind of 3D audio experience for conference calling, instant collaboration or virtual reality you want, right in your mobile app.

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Interoperability for seamless mobility

Voxeet covers all of your needs with interoperability across browsers and devices. Our JavaScript SDK works in Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer 11 and Firefox, using WebRTC directly. It can also fall back to Voxeet plugins when WebRTC is not available.

On mobile devices, we have you covered in two different ways: native SDKs for your custom app development, or, if native app development isn’t for you, our own easy and effective app for iOS and Android (powered by Voxeet).

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How to build your app with Voxeet

Building an app with Voxeet is as easy as 1, 2, 3:

  1. Connect to your Voxeet Developer Portal and sign up.
  2. We’ll send you all the technical information you need to get started (partner key, partner secret key, etc.).
  3. Integrate Voxeet JavaScript SDK into your website or Voxeet SDK for iOS and Android into your mobile app.

And that’s all there is to it. You’re ready to experience Voxeet-quality communication through your own app.

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What a truly global, scalable Voxeet platform (PaaS) means for you

Voxeet offers a fully deployed global network

Managing Quality of Service (QoS) is one of the biggest challenges of a WebRTC deployment.

Fortunately, Voxeet handles all your WebRTC traffic management to make your integration refreshingly straightforward. Here’s what else our global infrastructure and automation capabilities have to offer:

  • Global calls, local sound: With intelligent media routing from 3 AWS regions, you’ll experience clear, local-sounding calls no matter where you are in the world.
  • Minimal lag: Dynamic call routing technology ensures your call takes the lowest-latency path across four continents. In Europe and Asia, for example, our latency is as low as 80ms.
  • Extra automation: Automated releases and deployments ensure product improvements get to you faster and more reliably.

You can read more about the nuts and bolts of our infrastructure in this case study, but the bottom line is, when you’re supported by our highly scalable platform, there’s no need to be a telecom technology expert. All you have to focus on is the integration. We have the rest covered.

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