HD voice alone is not enough to solve call quality issues

Molly Wood’s recent New York Times piece about HD voice nicely articulates the frustrations of poor call quality that most of us experience every day. We agree that calls, personal or group, don’t have to sound terrible. In fact, they should sound great. But the standard HD applications she mentions are only another half step toward strong, consistent sound quality—not the solution.

As the CEO of Voxeet, I spend every day (and more than a few nights) thinking about how to create mobile calling experiences that provide clear, consistent sound quality, no matter what device you’re on, where you’re calling from…

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    Voxeet selects Voxbone to continue the global expansion of its audio conferencing service

Voxeet selects Voxbone to continue the global expansion of its audio conferencing service

By enabling access to the PSTN, Voxbone will allow Voxeet users to join or create 3DHD audio conferences with a single click from any device, even in poor Internet environments
SAN FRANCISCO – April 24, 2014 – When it’s time to join an audio conference, people want two things: a reliable connection and instant access. A new relationship between Voxeet and Voxbone provides users in over 50 countries with an industry-first combination of dependability and ease of use. By automatically switching to a public switched telephony network (PSTN) connection, Voxbone will allow Voxeet users to participate in an audio conference…

Voxeet, the Grand Prix of Group Conferencing Apps

Video games have awesome sound – why not conference calls?

Strapping yourself in behind the wheel of a Grand Prix car in a racing video game is an all-immersive audio experience — the engine roars, the pavement thrums, the wind whooshes by the wings.

The common conference call, by contrast, is a primitive sound experience, like a walkie talkie. It’s hard to know who’s talking when. Voices drown each other out. Static causes painful breaks and interruptions and can obscure half the points being made.

The team at Voxeet decided to bring Grand Prix sound into the conference room. Our goal was…

Voxeet Dial-In for free international conferencing

We know that a good Internet connection is not always available, and we also think you should be able to conference on any device you like, from the most powerful computer to the simplest desk phone. Our new Dial-In numbers ensure you can always access a Voxeet conference using plain old telephone service from (almost) anywhere in the world—all for free. Here’s what you need to know:

You can now dial in to Voxeet calls from over 40 countries worldwide with absolutely no long distance charges.
If any of your fellow conferencers haven’t downloaded Voxeet yet, we’ll send a local dial-in number…

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    The wait is over: Voxeet for Mac is here (and it’s awesome)

The wait is over: Voxeet for Mac is here (and it’s awesome)

You know that old saying about good things coming to those who wait? It’s true, and we can prove it: Voxeet is now available on Mac. That means that everything you love about Voxeet—hearing every word of every conference with 3DHD sound, unique avatars and individual audio streams for each caller, one-click transfers between devices, conference calls that call you—is now available on your Mac.

So if you’re one of the 72 million Mac users out there, download our new Mac client and give it a spin. We think you’ll agree it was worth the wait.