Experience state-of-the-art, 3DHD audio for conference calls

Hear the difference yourself. Voxeet brings state-of-the art, 3DHD audio to your conference calls, so you can hear every word that’s spoken and you always know who’s talking. It’s so natural and clear, you’ll swear everyone is in the same room. Click on one of the buttons below to experience the difference.

  • Telephony button
    If your conference calls sound like AM radio or like everyone is using walkie-talkies, then you’re probably using traditional audio bridges with long, complicated passcodes. Frustrating echoes, static and participants talking over each other mean that you lose much of the meeting’s value.
  • VoIP button
    Superior to traditional telephony, Voice-over-IP technology brings HD-quality audio to conference calls but still lacks clarity and doesn’t eliminate frustrating talk-overs. While it’s a step forward, VoIP still leaves much of the value of group calls on the conference table thanks to latency and unreliable quality.
  • Voxeet button
    Welcome to group conferencing the way it should be. With Voxeet, you get unparalleled 3DHD audio quality and an intuitive interface, so you can hold productive, frustration-free group meetings. No more talk-overs, no more missed words, no more static. Just crisp, clear and natural sound.

3D high definition sound

3D immersive conferencing

With WebRTC at its core, Voxeet’s conferencing solution delivers a never-before-imagined level of audio quality, with 3DHD sound so mind-bendingly clear, you have to experience it to believe it.

conference call on iphone
advanced noise processing

Advanced noise processing

Without clear sound, conferencing can’t be effective. Frustrating echo, static and background noise make it impossible to collaborate successfully.

Voxeet’s advanced noise processing increases understanding and enhances productivity, making every Voxeet conference call more effective.

in person group meeting

spatial audio rendering

Spatial audio rendering

In most conference calls, you waste a lot of time trying to figure out who said what.

Voxeet’s intuitive visual interface ensures you always know who’s talking. Every caller has a unique avatar that you can move around your screen, taking that person’s voice with it—creating a virtual experience that feels as natural as being in the same room.

wideband audio codecs

Wideband audio codecs

Attempting to ignore echo, static and background noise makes your brain tired. Your ability to effectively participate in a call diminishes as conference call fatigue sets in.

Voxeet conquers conference call fatigue with WebRTC wideband audio codecs, which make it easier to listen to speech and process content effectively. Voxeet also eliminates echo, background noise, talk-over and audio level differences, so you hear every word loud and clear.

3D immersive conferencing

one click conferencing

Under the hood

In traditional conference calls, every voice comes from the same place (your phone or computer speaker), making it impossible to distinguish one voice from another or get a feel for the meeting dynamic.

Voxeet’s 3DHD sound mimics the way your brain works when you interact with multiple people, making Voxeet calls feel like face-to-face meetings.